The Courses at 621VGS

What to bring with you.


Airfields are very exposed and therefore tend to feel cooler even on warm days. Layers of cloths are by far the best idea. Be prepared to have wet feet, so sensible footwear that can keep your feet dry and warm (Metal studded footwear is NOT permitted in the aircraft).

Winter - Gloves, hat, thick trousers and several layers of shirt, jumper and jacket.
Summer - sun hat, sunglasses, sun protection, lightweight trousers and layers of shirts and jacket.

Please note: This is not a place for high fashion and clothes worn need to be sensible and tidy. Coveralls are the best solution.

We do not insist on the wearing of uniform because it tends to get dirty in the winter and is far to hot in the summer, however cadets must still promote a military bearing (i.e. no jewellery). But if a Squadron Commander would like his/her cadets in uniform then this is their prerogative.


We provide food for the Gliding Scholarship students, but we cannot provide food for Gliding Induction students. On the Airfield there is hot and cold water. All cadets on Gliding Induction must bring sufficient food to last all day (from the time they leave home to return home). Usually there is no formal lunch break, flying operations continue through the lunch period. Food must be consumed around the launch point at small breaks during the day.

F3822 & Gliding Programme Sheet (GPS)

It is essential all cadets have their F3822 with them, they will NOT be allowed to fly without it. The F3822 must be correctly filled in i.e. Enrolment certificate signed, Parents permission to fly, Cadets Promise and particulars. The GPS must be filled in and handed to the Duty Instructor (please remember to take this back with you).